Government IT Solutions

As A Government entity, the challenges for continuing compliance and adequate certification can be difficult to navigate, maintain, and continue throughout your experience. With constantly changing legislation, meeting your mandate and expectations in the IT environment is often a challenge. Cycurion will leverage its historical knowledge and extensive experience on the Federal level to continue to fulfill all of your IT needs across the organization. We offer solutions for Cybersecurity, Healthcare IT, Network Support, Application Development, and Cloud Support.

Public Sector IT Solutions

Years of Experience with Top Government Agencies

Targeted cyber threats, Personnel exploitation, and creative manipulation to gain access to critical systems and infrastructure through unperceived vulnerabilities are only a few of the methods that bad actors leverage to attack Government Agencies. Public platforms such as social media, surface, deep and dark web, presents substantial risks via knowledge gaps in personnel training present high risk and substantial possibility of security failure. Cycurion has been defending and optimizing these environments at the Federal Level for over a decade – and as a result, has created a robust and predictive methodology to defend and optimize Government organizational and security gaps in order to mitigate these threats and vulnerabilities before they are compromised. Our solutions have evolved in the crucible of this environment; We provide the knowledge, experience, and analytical understanding of this environment to evolve our services to meet current and future needs across the IT spectrum.


Vulnerabilities in critical systems, personnel training and infrastructure create easy targets and access avenues for those that would exploit these weaknesses in Government Agency IT. Cycurion provides proven, knowledge based solutions to identify, mitigate, and resolve these weaknesses.

Healthcare IT

Cycurion understands the key drivers that affect federal, state & local government healthcare markets. Our deep understanding and proven methodology born from our extensive Federal experience, informs how we create focused, innovative, and repeatable solutions in Healthcare IT to fulfill your mandate.

Network Support

Cycurion understands the incremental and focused process of creating and supporting a robust, secure, and streamlined network for Government Organizations. Using our foundationally sound, and Federally proven methodology, we offer solutions for network optimization for every aspect of your network from field operations and installation to Remote VPN support, and everything inbetween.

Application Development

Through customized application development, we automate manual processes by making information easily available over the web and mobile platforms. Cycurion leverages the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to help augment your Application for the most efficient and focused solution available. We focus on cloud computing and Zero footprint application development.

Cloud Integration

Cycurion leverages Commercial Off The shelf software applications (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, IBM SPM, etc,) Customer Relationship Management tools to deliver cloud enabled services to our government clients. Providing an enhanced, integrated services to our government partners enhances their cloud computing capabilities, streamlining the way they access their information across the network.

I would like to recommend Cycurion to any organization requiring Information Technology or Information Technology Security Services support. Cycurion has provided those particular services to my Division from April 2007 – present. Cycurion and its contractors provide outstanding service in their individual positions and continue to be an asset to the Division. They have excellent technical, written, and verbal communication skills, are extremely organized, and customer focused. They work independently and are able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done ahead of schedule.

Assistant Director

Client - U.S. Government

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