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Cycurion provides full-spectrum solutions and services in the Healthcare IT environment. We create custom-tailored improvement protocols that will help your organization to stay within compliance, augment your staff’s training, implement application-based solutions that your patients expect and deserve.

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Immediate Healthcare IT solutions your patients expect and deserve

Cycurion understands that your Healthcare Organization must manage a vast array of rapidly evolving complexities. Our company will lead you through the demands of HIPAA / HITECH security and privacy compliance requirements. We offer Healthcare IT services to augment and refine your organization through Auditing & assessment of your organization, staff, applications, compliance, risk, vulnerability, and infrastructure in order to improve your entities’ ability to better serve the healthcare needs of your clients.

Cycurion understands the key drivers of the healthcare market, and continually create focused, innovative, and repeatable solutions. We provide technology services to improve service delivery with a focus on system integration, process reengineering, cloud/web / mobile development, solutions for Coordinated Community Care and case management applications. Cycurion has extensive experience providing Management Consulting from strategic planning, IT Assessment, project management, application rationalization, enterprise architecture, organizational change management, and training.

Customized solutions

The methods and experience to evolve your healthcare operation


Cycurion’s Federal level experience in Healthcare IT Compliance will guide your organization through the ocean of complexities that comes with adhering to Compliance standards necessary for certification. Using our proven methodology, Cycurion will assist you in moving up the maturity model, minimizing HIPAA Breaches, brand protection, and keeping your patients trust.


Cycurion assesses your current Healthcare IT capabilities and shortfalls to determine a comprehensive plan to evolve your IT in alignment with your operational goals. Wherever your shortages exist, whether it be in staffing, knowledge flight, or compliance maturation, we have the solutions to bring your operation into the future.

Engineering & Architecture

Cycurion has a deep understanding in implimenting best standard driven practices and methodology for all of Architecture environments. From initial assessment of your architecture to providing expert staff guidance, we will guide your organization to leverage the power of a strong and secure network architecture.


Cycurion provides a concise, proven, and advanced methodology and action plan to enhancing your leadership structure, organizational alignments, and business processes, to ensure that your organization’s Healthcare IT sustains, evolves, and enhances your organization’s business strategies and objectives. We will help you achieve compliance and a sustainable IT environment.


Cycurion will create a strategic and tactical implementation plan that will seamlessly incorporate our tools across your overall Healthcare IT Environment. Our IT professionals will work with you to assess your current IT and Application environment and will create a comprehensive Technology integration plan that will identify your strategic direction, and implement remediation steps.


Cycurion Leverages a proven Operation methodology to provide guidance on project management from program level, single focus projects to enterprise wide Healthcare IT. We will modernize your antiquated systems, ensuring system integration and data sharing, implementation, remote office, and telemedicine solutions up to current best practices.

Risk Management

Cycurion utilizes a proven methodology in Healthcare IT Risk Assessments for cybersecurity, HIPPA maturation, monitoring and training, internal policy, breach mitigation, infrastructure, and staff capability. Integrating our Virtual CIO, Cycurion will Monitor your network, and provide ongoing risk management to keep your organization in compliance.

Security Operations Center Support

Your organization must continuously strive for sound information security programs grounded in strong ISMS. Cycurion utilizes industry best-practices, an analysis-based methodology, and deeply knowledgeable analysts and staff to work with your security team to create or strengthen a security program and build your ISMS.

Cycurion provided exceptional service and value for multiple types of security assessment engagements, and took the time to explain the impact of their findings with several business units. Not only did their assessments lead to major security improvements, their consultants made the assessment and remediation much easier than past projects.


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What is Healthcare IT?

Healthcare IT is defined as the application of best practices in technology to treat, improve, and maintain the health and wellbeing of citizens, patients, and others through the implementation of specifically designed and optimized technologies. These specific technologies are designed with the goal of supporting healthcare organizations through integrated systems and applications to improve medical care and public health, lower costs, improve patient satisfaction, mitigate errors, increasing efficiency, and across the board optimization and improvement of technology used to serve the needs of the healthcare community. 

In modern Healthcare IT,  the main operational scope falls within a variety of necessary improvements spanning from policy governance to implementing cloud-sourced and application-based solutions to increase operational agility and improve customer access and interaction. Cycurion accomplishes this by providing a review of our client’s entire healthcare IT posture, and create a detailed improvement plan that will enhance every area of our clients’ healthcare IT landscape.

Cycurion implements best in breed tools and methods available to healthcare practitioners in order to provide cutting edge, innovative solutions efficiently and quickly. We will assist your organization in establishing the protective and federally required infrastructure of your organization’s healthcare security to protect the sanctity of patient health information. To this end, we are committed to helping our clients improve the quality of life for as many lives as possible, increasing their capacity to do so by increasing the level of services for our customers across their organization. Through our enhanced knowledge and experience in the healthcare IT environment, Cycurion knows what’s at stake and the importance and urgency of providing our clients with the latest in healthcare technology. We understand how technology can improve the health of the customers your organization serves. Cycurion also understands the technology and methods that support our healthcare clients’ mission to provide the ultimate level of service to treat and maintain patient health. We ensure that your organization will be within compliance by providing adequate privacy, security, and protection for personal healthcare information as mandated by the federal government, instilling a feeling of security and confidence for your patients so that they receive the best healthcare possible.   

What Healthcare IT Services does Cycurion provide?

Cycurion provides Healthcare IT services to our clients in order to ensure that their organization is operating efficiently, and cost-effectively, safely maximize revenue, while producing a profit. We provide and assist clients in implementing an ever-vigilant protective environment to protect the sanctity of health information of the patient. For our healthcare clients,  Cycurion provides their patients with the level of service and care that we would want to be made available to our own families. We help our clients expand their sphere of influence within their community through their quality of service and the outreach of community coordinated care. 

Cycurion takes an analytical and researched-based approach to this goal by first conducting an end to end survey of your current healthcare IT practice, and then providing a menu of improvements and optimizations in the following Areas :

  • Compliance
  • Consulting/Advisory
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • Governance
  • Implementation
  • Operations
  • Risk Management
  • Security Operations Center Support
  • Tools


Your organization is continually barraged by an alphabet soup of laws, rules, statutes, guidelines, and accreditation requirements.  The consequences of non-compliance can be devastating in the form of fines, lost funding, damaged reputations, and even jail time! We identify your risks, required remediation tasks, and the ongoing activities required to control and enhance your environment, protect privacy, and achieve required compliance maturity.

Cycurion’s extensively trained and deeply experienced compliance consultants will help assess your organization’s policies and controls, data and network security, and personnel training and management with the express concern of identifying and mitigating risks, knowledge gaps, and operational methodology to improve and enhance your organizations’ compliance maturation.  Cycurion will assist your organization in moving up the maturity model, minimizing HIPAA Breaches, brand protection, and keeping your patients’ trust. 

Cycurion will assess your current Compliance posture and enhance your organization’s agility in these specific areas:  

  • Awareness Training – Social engineering as a threat is one of the most likely weak points of your organization. Awareness Training provided by Cycurion will enhance your staff’s understanding of digital information security threats such as spamming, spear phishing, and ransomware, as well as how to increase security in real-world activities. 
  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) – Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) service provides a third-party external assessment of system and application processes, procedures, and internal implementation. 
  • Information Assurance (IA) – Information Assurance (IA) services assess the adequacy of Management, Operational, and Technical security controls to effectively protect the integrity, availability, authenticity, and confidentiality of your user data. Our methodology for establishing IA solutions include physical, technical, and administrative controls, tasked, and established specifically for your organization. 
  • Information Security Support Officer- ISSO support is key to managing everyday maintenance, development, and security of a system or application. The right support is crucial to providing needed documentation, guidance, and oversight in order to achieve a maximum-security scenario.
  • Insider Threat Assessments – Insider Threats such as information exposure, disclosure, and non-malicious information sharing inherently threaten the integrity of your operation. 
  • Regulatory Compliance Services – Using Industry-wide best practice protocols and our extensive experience in the Government IT environment, Cycurion has the foundational understanding of Compliance and security management that your organization needs in order to take a programmatic approach for the three closely related areas of governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) 
  • Vulnerability Management/Scanning – The review of security configurations and identification of vulnerabilities is key to gaining visibility into the security posture of information systems for the assessment of risk, identification of the cyber-attack surface, and mitigation prioritization. 


Cycurion offers strategic consulting and advice that provides invaluable guidance for our clients. We implement advanced Strategic Consulting and Information Security Management System (ISMS) solutions, in order to provide sound and accurate information security programs grounded in strong ISMS. Cycurion has a team of seasoned professionals who will work with your healthcare IT team to create or strengthen a security program and build your ISMS. Cycurion professionals utilize best practices from ISO 27001/2, NIST SP 800-39/58, COBIT, and other standards and guidelines to tailor your security program to the specific needs of your organization and bring you the best customer experience imaginable.

Cycurion assesses your current Healthcare IT capabilities and shortfalls to determine a comprehensive plan to evolve your IT in alignment with your operational goals. Wherever your shortages exist,  whether it be in staffing, knowledge flight, or compliance maturation, we have the solutions to bring your operation into the future.

Cycurion will assess your organization and provide guidance in these specific areas:  

  • Business Process Management (BPM) – BPM focuses on aligning all aspects of your organization with the wants and needs of your business. BPM promotes business effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility, and integration with technology. 
  • IT Planning & Roadmap Development – Strategic IT Planning ensures the technology infrastructure and services support the mission of the business unit or organization.
  • Virtual Advisory – Cycurion has a pool of experienced and proven CIO staff who can manage your security environment for less than the cost of a full-time employee. 

Engineering & Architecture

Engineering and Architecture for Healthcare IT include the various software and hardware resources of a network that enables full network connectivity, communication, operations, and management. When properly developed and implemented and optimized, your organization’s network architecture provides the communication path and services between users, processes, applications, and external networks such as the internet. Cycurion will help implement efficient, robust, and secure Architecture that is required to stay within compliance, and will also support strong application and cloud security, Identity control and access management, Managed endpoint security, network engineering, and design, security engineering, software assurance, and system design and infrastructure support.

Cycurion will provide guidance for your organization’s Engineering and Architecture in these specific areas:  

  • Identity Control and Access Management – Successful implementation and security for ICAM will align your organization with our proven and enhanced strategy to achieve Identity control and access management (ICAM), eCyber, FISMA, and CDM planned compliances. 
  • Network Engineering and Design – Development of an efficient, adequate, and scalable network design that will adhere to your business need, as well as serve your organization and clientele at the highest levels. As part of our full spectrum Network and Engineering services, our expert analysts will provide a deeply researched methodology to help troubleshoot network challenges in your current system, as well as design and implement upgraded and evolved technology to reinforce or replace legacy equipment.
  • Software Assurance – Acquiring, Building, Deploying, and Sustaining software systems to achieve the highest level of confidence across your IT architecture.
  • System Design and Infrastructure Support – Designed to help manage the complexity of the system and network management to deliver a wide variety of modernized core capabilities, including System Design, implementation, and migration Local Area Network Operations and Support Systems Administration, Infrastructure Consolidation, and  Cloud-based solutions and virtualization.

Governance & Implementation

Healthcare IT is unique due to a lack of in-depth and proven methodology concepts of IT Governance. Many healthcare organizations have knowledge gaps in the best-practice Governance IT principles, processes, and guidelines that are necessary for successfully meeting operating guidelines and business goals. It Governance sets the parameters of how your organization will conduct business and the necessity of implementing an execution plan to ensure that your organization fulfills the needs of your clients while meeting all business requirements and standards.

Cycurion provides a concise, proven, and advanced methodology to enhancing your leadership, organizational structures, and processes to ensure that your organization’s Healthcare IT sustains and extends the organization’s business strategies and objectives.

Cycurion follows a Four-Phase approach to delivering intelligent and proven Project Management Services. Using the methodology of Initiation, Planning, Execution, and Closure define our project management delivery process creating repeatable and scalable results. Each phase of this methodology is a distinct stage of the project life cycle and consists of standard tasks, activities, and work products that provide the requisite inputs for each subsequent management phase. Each phase fully encompasses the related management of expectations, communications, resources, time, quality, change, risks, and issues. 


The challenge of providing seamless, integrated workflow and data for your organization is a complicated undertaking.  Often, individual departments have independently developed their own business applications and server configurations.  Legacy systems cling to life and become difficult and expensive to maintain.  Silos of data are not compatible, difficult to access, and often contain redundant and inconsistent values.  Users sometimes must log into multiple systems separately to perform their jobs.

To resolve these problems requires strategic and tactical technology integration plans that address your overall enterprise architecture.  Our analysts will work with you to assess your current enterprise architecture and application environment.  Based on initial findings, the Cycurion team will create a comprehensive Technology Integration Plan that will identify your strategic direction and a tactical schedule of remediation steps. Cycurion will assist you with the full implementation of your Technology Integration Plan, as our analysts and professionals will adopt operational control of your technology infrastructure through our Managed Services solutions.


Cycurion understands the difficulty in navigating the Healthcare IT Landscape – from finding your way through the necessary Assessments to maintain good standing in compliance, to mitigating security risks and enhancing operational efficiency, there is an evolving complexity to creating a sound and foundationally robust IT environment for your Healthcare operation. Cycurion offers services that will help guide your organization through HIPPA risk assessments, policy requirements, breach and infrastructure assessments, and staff capability requirements.

Cycurion also provides Annual HIPPA training for all staff members, as well as community coordinated care networks, grant writing services, as well as system modernization assessment and implementation, project management services, support staffing services, Compliance and security guidance and analysis, and telemedicine and remote office solutions.

Cycurion will provide guidance for your organization’s operations in these areas:  

  • Data Management services – Services and tools to manage and protect the value of your data Inventory and implement broad-spectrum tracking of your data. Organizations often underestimated large scale data conversion and migration, costing them resources and money in the process due to unforeseen or otherwise non-considered challenges.
  • Strategic Staffing – Often, there is a disconnect between the ability to fully staff your organization with a capable, and deeply knowledgeable staff due to budgetary concerns and business needs. Cycurion offers an evolutionary solution for strategic staffing challenges by providing deeply knowledgeable Subject matter Experts and highly trained analysts directly to your organization as a service to fulfill some or all of your IT needs.
  • Technology Integration – Strategic and tactical technology integration plans that address your overall Healthcare IT architecture. Based on initial findings, the Cycurion team will create a comprehensive Technology Integration Plan that will identify your strategic direction and a tactical 12-month schedule of remediation steps.
  • Training & Learning Services – Typically, a non-professionally trained staff may be suffering from knowledge gaps, an antiquated understanding of new processes, and a lack of familiarity with the stringent compliance guidelines which govern your industry. This knowledge gap could lead to Compliance Violations, revenue loss, and poor execution and performance of their required duties.
  • Virtualization Services – As IT development and system administration no longer lives in the standard office model, virtualization has become one of the most valued and successful tools for increasing productivity, reducing physical workspace, and lowering the cost of business. Cycurion provides consultation and solutions for virtualizing the network, storage, and servers, through the implementation of proven methodologies that will help to mitigate the possibility of a breach.

Risk Management

When considering the intricacies of Risk Management, Cycurion takes a full life cycle view of Healthcare IT related business activities, including transformation programs, investments, projects, and operations. We review the strength and methodology of this environment across logical and workable segmentation of the overall risk environment. Cycurion realizes that IT Risk Management is an iterative process and needs to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis due to a constantly changing internal and external environment. Our professionals will perform Organization IT Risk Assessments and interpret the results in a plan of action and milestones to remediate the IT risk of the enterprise. Cycurion offers a variety of security risk management services including risk assessments, remediation planning, and improvement implementation. Together with other guidelines and frameworks, Cycurion uses the Federal National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards including NIST Special Publication 800-39 and accompanying standards of 800-37, 800-53, and 800-30.

Cycurion utilizes a proven methodology in Healthcare IT Risk Assessments for cybersecurity, HIPPA maturation, monitoring and training, internal policy,  breach mitigation, infrastructure, and staff capability. Integrating our Virtual CIO, Cycurion will Monitor your network, and provide ongoing risk management to keep your organization in compliance.

Cycurion will provide guidance for your organization’s Risk Management in these areas: 

  • Fraud, Breach & Abuse Analysis – Fraud, Breach, and Abuse of access or information are some of the most common, and detrimental cybersecurity challenges that face operations of all sizes today. From the rise of social engineering-based Ransomware and Malware to Insider threats and Information exposure, the need for strong fraud, breach, and abuse mitigation is necessary for a strong security environment.
  • Managed Spear-Phishing Services – Mitigation training to defend against the deceptive practice of sending emails fraudulently from a known or trusted sender in order to entice targeted individuals to reveal confidential information.
  • Penetration Testing – Internal penetration testing examines the resources and skills gap exploitations available to anyone inside the security perimeter, including employees, contractors, temporary employees, partners, and attackers who manage to break through the external security perimeter.
  • Security Audits and Assessments – Through focused and direct Security assessment, Cycurion provides world-class Cybersecurity service solutions and training in order to manage, enhance, and secure your existing Cybersecurity system.
  • Vulnerability Assessments – Internal penetration tests examine resources available to anyone inside the security perimeter, such as employees, contractors, temporary employees, and partners as well as bad actors who manage to break through the external security perimeter. External penetration tests examine the various resources available from anyone outside the security perimeter. These subjects include web/email servers, dial-in connections, as well as wireless and VPN access. Cycurion provides both Red and Blue Team Exercises, as well as White Team exercise support. 

Security Operations Center Support

The Security Operations Center (SOC) is the centralized location of an information technology network, system, and application monitoring capability. This location provides log and incident aggregation, attack logic application, malware engineering, intrusion detection, and intrusion prevention. The SOC is critical to event monitoring and incident response capabilities within the CM methodology. Highly capable and seasoned Chief Duty Officers (CDO) must be in place to maintain operations, architect SOC systems, and minimize false positives. Cycurion personnel are currently performing SOC CDO and Cybersecurity Watch Officers to identify, prevent, and mitigate Cyber-based attacks. Cycurion also focuses on updating antiquated systems – ensuring system integration & data sharing are up to current best practices,  providing guidance on project management from program level, single focus projects to enterprise-wide Healthcare IT project management offices, providing the support staff and services to facilitate the healthcare IT operations, Compliance & Security services for healthcare IT and expert Implementation of remote office and telemedicine solutions.

How can evolving my operations in Healthcare IT make my practice better and more profitable?

Your customers expect and demand that your company stays current with the rapidly evolving advancements and innovations in technology and methodology that supports Healthcare IT. Your brand must represent innovation to be competitive in this space.  As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, providing best in breed technology, support knowledge, enhanced resources, and best practice implementation services will assist your organization in providing the ultimate level of service to treat and maintain patient health. 

Cycurion leverages our intricate analysis and research at the federal level to help our clients give their patients the security and peace of mind that they are receiving the best care possible while keeping the sanctity and security of their personal information at the forefront of our process. 

Our goal is to enable and empower our healthcare client’s staff to achieve more and be more efficient with shrinking budgets. Through automation, application-based customer service interfaces, knowledge-based training, and leveraging our thorough understanding of governance and compliance practices, Cycurion will provide the best guidance and resources to enhance and evolve your Healthcare IT organization. 

Why You Should Outsource Your Healthcare IT Support to Cycurion?

Outsourcing your organization’s healthcare IT to Cycurion is advantageous because we provide our team of top experts and practitioners who remain current on all best practices, laws, and regulations, to ensure that your organization runs efficiently, manages risk, and maintains 100% system availability.  We help you avoid the need to hire full-time employees to fill roles for CIO, has the infrastructure to provide true 24/7 monitoring and support.

Cycurion provides our deeply knowledgeable and experienced experts to your organization to ensure that your environment is fully optimized and incorporates the latest technologies and infrastructure guidelines and products. Our team also performs regular system performance checks to proactively identify possible areas of your network for performance and infrastructure improvements.

Healthcare IT: Frequently Asked Questions

Cycurion is ready to help you establish best practice Telemedicine capabilities that are secure and HIPAA compliant.

Cycurion has become the Virtual Security and Privacy Officer for many Healthcare organizations. We manage all aspects of their security programs and perform all require assessments and other HIPAA related compliance activities. This has proved to be a very economical alternative to hiring a full-time employee to fill this role.

Cycurion can do a quick assessment of your HIPAA Compliance Program and give you a roadmap to mitigate any compliance GAPS.