A woman in a datacenter using the Cycurion ARx platform
Cycurion ARx

Multilayer Protection Has Arrived

The Cycurion ARx platform is a turnkey web application protection and managed security solution that combines all the essential cybersecurity layers in a comprehensive – but customizable – platform.

Geo Gate Protection

Reverse proxy servers make geographic restrictions easy, significantly reducing unwanted traffic. Depending on the use case, this can be implemented via country exclusions, or by enabling traffic only from specific countries.

A world map highlighting points of activity

Not just a platform.
A partner.

When you employ the Cycurion ARx platform, you don’t simply get the platform — you enlist the services of an award-winning cybersecurity partner trusted to protect some of the most important corporate and government assets in the world.

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On-Demand Services We Support

Consulting and Advisory Services

√ Enterprise Risk Management
√ Security Architecture & Engineering
√ Penetration Testing
√ Digital forensics and Incident Response
√ Threat Hunting

Managed Security Services

√ SOC as a Service
√ Firewall Management
√ Cybersecurity Awareness and Training
√ Virtual CISO Support

Managed IT Services

√ Project Management and IV&V
√ Voice and Data Infrastructure Engineering and Management
√ Hardware and Software License Management
√ Application Development

About Cycurion

Cycurion is a tech-enabled cybersecurity firm that serves some of the most complex government agencies and corporations in the world.

Founded by internet pioneer Emmit McHenry — who directly oversaw the first internet protocols and the creation of .com domains — we bring an unparalleled blend of vision, technology, and experience to every project.

More than just an MSSP or strategic advisor, we are a full-service security partner capable of guiding any organization through the modern cyber threat landscape.

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