Small Business IT Solutions

The IT challenges that face a Small to Medium-sized Business are varied and complex, often stretching your anticipated budget in an attempt to cover an ever-expanding IT need. As challenges generally evolve from multiple areas, finding experienced and deeply knowledgeable IT staff or an individual prepared for all IT eventualities is often cost restrictive and out of scope for most SMBs. Cycurion offers an evolutionary solution to supplement this knowledge gap by providing deeply knowledgeable and highly trained analysts directly to your organization as a service to fulfill some or all of your SMB’s IT needs. Our contractable analysts and staff provide a deeply cultivated knowledgebase in Healthcare IT, Network Support, Cybersecurity, Application Development, and Cloud integration to solve specific challenges across your organization, at a cost below that of hiring an IT department, while providing highly efficient world-class, multi-disciplined, and deeply knowledgeable expert solutions to your SMB.

IT Solutions for Small & Medium Business

Managed Security Offering Plans


  • 24x7 Managed Detection & Response Managed Endpoint Security
  • Vulnerability Management/Scanning
  • Managed Security & Compliance Portal
  • Security Engineering/Architecture Consulting – up to 100 hrs/yr
  • Vulnerability remediation services
  • Access to vCISO – up to 100 hrs/year
  • Cloudburst WAF (2 sites)
  • Cloudburst Virtual Browser
  • Annual Penetration Test/Phishing Assessment
  • Annual user security awareness training
  • Incident response exercise support
  • Other custom consulting services per customer requirements
  • Truly customized enterprise security solution
  • Access to full spectrum of Cloudburst capabilities
  • Integrated compliance monitoring/reporting


  • 24x7 Managed Detection & Response
  • Managed Endpoint Security
  • Vulnerability Management/Scanning
  • Security Engineering/Architecture –up to 40 hrs/yr
  • Cloudburst WAF (1 site)
  • Cloudburst Virtual Browser
  • Annual Penetration Test/Phishing Assessment
  • Annual user security awareness training
  • Enterprise-grade security that scales
  • Full suite to defend against advanced threats
  • Expert security engineering support for priority projects
  • Integrated compliance monitoring/reporting


  • Comprehensive security package
  • 24x7 Managed Detection & Response
  • Managed Endpoint Security
  • Vulnerability Management/Scanning
  • Cloudburst WAF (1 site)
  • Cloudburst Virtual Browser
  • Compliance monitoring/reporting portal


  • 24x7 Security Event Monitoring
  • Managed Endpoint Security
  • Advanced anomaly & reputation-based detection
  • Advanced security at an affordable price
  • Custom options available

Custom Tailored IT for your SMB

Cycurion Offers unmatched IT services and solutions to our Small to Medium-sized business clients with the same resources, concentrations, and knowledge-based analytical methodology that is used for our Enterprise and Government clients. Focusing entirely on your business need and budget, we will leverage our expertise and experience from our work in the Federal environment, custom tailoring these solutions to your business, no matter the size.

Cycurion believes that Immediate IT evolution is necessary to exceed your business objectives. Cycurion foresees these challenges in technology, compliance, innovations, skills shortage, and asset management through leveraging our extensive experience with government entities. We will bring the same level of precise solutions to your organization.

Managed Cybersecurity

Cycurion offers SMB’s managed security solutions to defend your network against today’s onslaught of sophisticated cyber-attacks. Unlike traditional providers, we take the time to gain a detailed understanding of your network–beginning with an initial, focused customer-engagement and baselining period.

Healthcare IT

Cycurion will provide a menu of industry best practice techniques and modernization solutions to improve every function of your Healthcare IT operation. Through leveraging our work in the Federal government, and distilling this knowledge and operational understand to the SMB market, Cycurion will augment your compliance, security services, telemedicine solutions and cloud integration efforts to fulfill your mandate and provide best in breed support to your clients.

Network Support

Cycurion will leverage our extensive experience and analytical knowledge gained from our work with the federal government to implement best in breed techniques, methodologies, and practices to augment and improve your Network Infrastructure. For your Small to Medium Sized business, we offer remediations for optimizing ever aspect of your network from installation to remote network monitoring.

App Development

At Cycurion, our team of experienced professionals can collaborate with you to understand not only what features and functionality you need in your application but also why they are necessary. Cycurion ensures that we are delivering custom applications that make your organization’s business processes more effective, efficient, and innovative.

Cloud Integration

Cycurion provides a proven and trusted solution to the ever-expanding need for Cloud integration as a means of sharing data securely throughout the global neighborhood.. Our trusted experts will help create, manage, and assist you with sharable, configurable computing resources that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.

I would like to recommend Cycurion to any organization requiring Information Technology or Information Technology Security Services support... Cycurion and its contractors provide outstanding service... They work independently and are able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done ahead of schedule.


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